Hiatus 'Celestial' (feat. Charlene Soraia)

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Hiatus, the eloquent electronic project produced by writer Cyrus Shahrad, will soon release his third album All The Troubled Hearts on June 2.

Having developed a strong following through his extraordinary music videos, distinctive sound, and collaborations with Shura, the former Iran correspondent breaks new ground in what the label describes as his "most epic record yet." Reflecting his dual British/Iranian nationality, Cyrus combines samples of Iranian music with electronic bass and a combination of live and machined drums.

The release is graced with the presence of vocalists Daudi Matsiko, who appears on the album’s title track, and Charlene Soraia, who lends vocals to "Celestial." The lyrics were all written by Shahrad, a testament to the personal nature of his work. The album also closes with a profound spoken word piece from his father about the nature of life, further affirming its depth and introspective quality.

Ahead of the album's June 2 release, "Celestial" (feat. Charlene Soraia) is available exclusively below for download, with pre-order available here, and a stream available below.

Celestial (feat. Charlene Soraia)