The Weeknd "High For This (Nasty Nasty Edit)"

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As San Francisco producer Jasper Reeder (a.k.a. NastyNasty) said in his email when he sent this track over, "The Weeknd (pictured above) is on fire right now," and it's completely true, if not inescapably obvious (the Canadian outfit just announced over 200,000 official downloads of its free House of Ballons mixtape). And what happens when that kind of hype surrounds a fresh, young artist? The (unofficial) remixes start pouring in. Just as we finished clearing our inboxes of edits, reworks, and covers of every song The xx ever wrote, tweaked versions of The Weeknd's tracks filled them back up. It makes sense, too; silky, slow songs like "The Morning" and "What You Need" are practically begging for a double-time dancefloor edit. NastyNasty's own contribution to the onslaught is a footwork-slanted take on House of Ballons opener "High For This," which essentially tosses breakneck 808 drum patterns and buzzy synthscapes over the slow-burning tune. Thankfully, Reeder doesn't overload the already stellar song with his production ideas, and strikes an ideal balance between his own hyped-up musical style and the grimy soul of The Weeknd's original.

High For This (NastyNasty Edit)