Black Noi$e "Hold On"*Potholes Music*

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The humble start of Black Noi$e's latest offering is misleading. Opening delicately with a gently distorted guitar and a distant vocal sample, the Detroit native builds anticipation by shifting practically the entire mix into the background, before kicking "Hold On" into full gear around the 30-second mark. After that, there's no looking back, as the beatmaker born Rob Mansel leaves his innocent intro in the wake of a hybrid of a groove that draws inspiration from footwork, hip-hop, and beyond. It might not be proper to describe Mansel's sound as nostalgic, but after just a few listens, "Hold On" feels like a solid summer tune that recalls a handful of the tunes we grew up with. Black Noi$e's latest tune will be paired with a b-side track later this month, courtesy of Potholes Music.

Hold On