Tiefschwarz "Home (Soul Clap Remix)"

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Over the last eight months, Germany's Tiefschwarz brothers, who have long been combining house, electro, and techno into their own uniquely potent brew, have released two out of a scheduled three remix EPs titled Melted Chocolates on their own Souvenir imprint. The third installment, which comes out later this month, will finish the duo's "chocolate" year—which also included the Chocolate and More Chocolate albums—by enlisting artists like Bruno Pronsato, Reboot, and Marcus Meinhardt for remixes. To celebrate the final chapter of Melted Chocolate, Souvenir is giving away a free remix from part two by Soul Clap, whom you may remember as the guys who put together the Beantown edition of our City Guide podcast series. For their remix of Tiefschwarz's "Home," the Soul Clap boys play fast and loose with the song's 4/4 beat, turning in a remix that stumbles as much as it chugs, adding even more disorientation to a track whose vocals are already about losing one's way home.

Home (Soul Clap remix)