Home Video "I Can Make You Feel It"


Remember Home Video? Warp Records is responsible for discovering the duo of David Gross and Collin Ruffino, who later released 2006's No Certain Night or Morning on Defend Music. It's been a minute since we've heard a peep from these guys, but amid all the CMJ madness happening this week, word came through that a new EP is due out next month. This will be the first release from the band since 2006, and we're liking the new musical direction, which is starkly different from the band's earlier, more minimalist work. "I Can Make You Feel It" lives up to its name, given that we've been sitting here all morning with the track on repeat, pondering the complex combination of electro rhythms and mournful lyrics about loneliness and self-medication via alcohol. It's all weirdly depressing and stimulating at the same time. Jennifer Marston. Photo by Sarah Wilmer.

Home Video - I Can Make You Feel It 1