Zammuto "Idiom Wind"

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Over the past few months, the non-cello-playing half of the always inventive duo The Books, Nick Zammuto, has been breaking out on his own again, dropping solo tracks here and there simply as Zammuto. "Idiom Wind" is the latest such track, and it serves as another moving example of the striking and unique songs the Vermont-based musician/producer is capable of putting together. Replacing fellow Books collaborator Paul de Jong's deep cello bowings with a lush layer of multi-tracked fiddle (courtesy of Gene Back), Zammuto weaves a meditative performance of intricate pop complete with sparse, polyrhythmic drums, a simple bassline, and a generous helping of his own calm, layered vocals. It appears there is no talk of a new solo album in the works so far, but we've certainly got our fingers crossed. (via Pitchfork)

Idiom Wind