SECT feat. Ben Westbeech "In the Park"

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Fresh from Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap's recently released collaborative contribution to the renowned DJ Kicks series (artwork above), we have this track from Boston supergroup SECT, a collaboration between Soul Clap, Sergio Santos, and Tanner Ross. As it happens, the tune also features the vocals of burgeoning UK producer/vocalist (and recent XLR8Rpodcast contributor) Ben Westbeech. Mechanical percussion scrapes and rattles amongst a giant, sparse bassline and gorgeous pads as Westbeech provides a self-harmonizing chorus of voices which poetically describe an evening in the park. As the song progresses, it gently glides forward, sprinkled with moments taken by a lonesome woodwind, flowing gracefully around the track's machine-made elements before returning to SECT's vast production. "In the Park" is definitely not a burner, and it's better for it, as the song proves to be a powerful example of the moving possibilities that lie in subtle, intricately made house music.

In The Park