Bop "Intercontinental Meltdown"

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Adventurous Russian producer Bop has just released The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel (artwork above), his sophomore album which features "Inercontinental Meltdown" along with eight other originals and one remix. Bop's production style is perhaps too easily described as "hybrid," seeing as he can be found pulling from a wide-range of sound sources and genres, which for this MP3, culminates into a microhouse-meets-minimal-dubstep-meets-chiptune endeavor. Juxtaposing 8-bit percussion with dense low-end rumblings, the St. Petersburg-based producer twists and turns a distant vocal and string sample which eventually reveals itself to be pulled from a decades-old Indian-sounding tune. Despite all the disparate elements, Bop deftly manages to fit the pieces together into one intriguingly cohesive unit. The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel is out now in digital and 12" vinyl fomat.

Intercontinental Meltdown