Dreadsquad & Lady Chann "Island Lovin' (Kush Arora Remix)"

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Poland-based duo Marek Bogdanski (who heads the Superfly Studio imprint) and Lukasz Rodziewicz (a.k.a Dreadsquad) have teamed up with Lady Chann, a name synonymous with dancehall party vibes, for the recently released "Island Lovin'" single. Along with the original tune, the record comes with a host of remixes—including this one from San Francisco's Kush Arora, who transforms the tropical feel-good vibe of "Island Lovin'" into a dark, pumping excursion through the disparate territories of dirty dancehall and skittering house. Where as Dreadsquad's initial production is the kind of soca party jam you'd expect to hear during the more sunlit hours of the day, Kush Arora's take is most surely a late-night, twirling-lights, got-a-few-drinks-in-you kind of endeavor, one which comes complete with ominous bass, minor-chord piano stabs, and a fair share of relentless percussion.

Island Lovin' (Kush Arora Remix)