2JACK4U 'Tape Recognition'

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Lisbon's Paraíso delivers the third volume for their ace V.A. Genesis series, once again summoning some of Portugal's most gifted producers. Just like the previous two sets of artists, all four projects have created tracks that pay homage to the brilliant continuum of dance music that the country has seen in the past three decades.

Kicking things off is local veteran Photonz with his modern take on '90s Portuguese tribal house, drawing inspiration for its name from the statue room at Kremlin, one of the main clubs playing the vital music when it all started. "Deep Nights, Dark Mornings" is mystery producer Unknown's offering, while the flipside sees Elite Athlete, a cultural agitator and artist from the city of Coimbra, deliver an enticing, percussion-heavy workout that sounds tropical and futuristic all at once. Finally, 2JACK4U, Lisbon's André and Rubina, synth collectors and experimental sonic artists, came up with a techno cut that is equal parts trippy and heavy, complete with epic breakdowns and acid eloquence for peak-time euphoria.

Ahead of the EPs release later this month, grab 2JACK4U's "Tape Recognition" now via the WeTransfer button below.