Cassius Select "Jamo (Kane Ikin Remix)"**

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Sydney's Lavurn Lee (pictured above) recently inaugurated his new moniker, Cassius Select, with an EP for fledgling Australian outpost Hunter Gatherer. While Lee has started to build a name for himself based on the abstract R&B he produces under the Guerre alias, One finds him exploring more house-slanted momentums. For instance: EP opener "Jamo" threads watery keys and a muffled stomp through layers of ambient noise. Those shifting breaths of sound are amplified on Kane Ikin's rework of the tune; he creates a fog of highly distorted vocal samples and pulsing breaths of white noise. Ikin's version wasn't released as a part of Cassius Select's EP, but he is currently working on future productions for fellow Australian label This Thing.

Jamo (Kane Ikin Remix)