Donso "Jugu (Baconhead Remix)"

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This remix of "Jugu" from the awesomely named Brighton duo Baconhead is oddly being released ahead of its original version, a psychedelic-looking oddity by Krazy Baldhead's side project Donso. And Baconhead's version is a solid one: Slo-mo synths burn at both ends, and a brushed ride cymbal and woodblock snare providing the smoke-filled backdrop. Baconhead's arrangement is so diligent that it could probably be broken down to make a step-by-step "How to" on crafting balmy trip-hop, but that doesn't mean the pair holds back any surprises. Baconhead makes good use of the original production's Mali vocalists, filling out its remix's hypnotic ride by pushing them to the front of the mix before ever-so-slowly sucking them back out into the vaccum. You'll be able to compare this excellent rework of "Jugu" to the original version once it drops as part of Donso's Denfila is out on April 2 via Comet.

Jugu (Baconhead Remix)