My Panda Shall Fly "Kandy"

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Today, we have London-via-Sri Lanka DJ/producer My Panda Shall Fly's "Kandy," an introspective tune that spirals around a melancholy melody of crisp synths and deep, humming bass. The artist born Suren Seneviratne balances futuristic FX and distorted synths with light rhythms from subdued handclaps and snare taps, resulting in an eclectic and woozy beatscape. "Kandy" will be released as a part of the Sine of the Times compilation curated by London DJ and broadcaster Rita Maia, who hosts a radio show on London's Resonance FM by the same name. In addition to My Panda Shall Fly, Maia's handpicked collection of tunes features the likes of Visionist, BD1982, and D. Franklin of LV, among others, and will be released early next month via European low-frequency aficionados Badmood.