Raumskaya "Keep Out"*Hyperboloid*

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Self-proclaimed "juke boy" and St. Petersburg-bred DJ/producer Raumskaya doesn't keep his tracks tethered to any one idea for too long. Unlike most jukesmiths, who often keep their tunes fast and to the point, Raumskaya's productions are more in line with his Russian counterparts such as Pixelord (who also happens to help head the Hyperboloid label), infusing tracks with dub and off-kilter house influences filtered through a juke trapdoor. "Keep Out," taken from Raumskaya's forthcoming Snapshot EP, makes quick work of skittering synths and machine gun-fired hi-hats that quiver low in the mix. Eventually the synths go from stabs to chords and a rolling bassline begins to joyride underneath the affiar. The Snapshot EP is due out soon via Hyperboloid, and will feature four original Raumskaya tunes along with a trio of remixes from Pixelord, Koloah, and Gillepsy.

Keep Out