Kin Klavé 'Drums & Sounds 1'

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Volare Artwork

Bristol-based producer Kin Klavé (a.k.a Kris Caprani) recently released Volare, his debut experimental EP that exposes his talents in combining experimental dub-step, jazz and hip-hop.

Caprani explained that Volare “was a chance for me to explore sound whilst letting my subconscious self steer me towards music that I enjoy listening to. I saw it as a way of bridging my musical influences into a form that represents my current tastes and mood.”’

Following the EP's October release, Caprani has offered up "Drums & Sounds 1" as one of today's XLR8R free downloads. Recorded live in one take, the cut exposes a stripped back Kin Klavé where his drumming skills take the lead.


01. As the Forest Giant Speaks
02. Isola
03. Mantissa
04. Helvellyn
05. Drums & Sounds 1
06. Soa

"Drums & Sounds 1" is available to download via the WeTransfer button below.

Drums & Sounds 1