Scrimshire "Kindle a Fire (Aronnax Mix)"*Wah Wah 45s*

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On Scrimshire's forthcoming LP, the London producer/vocalist utilizes an eclectic range of influences ranging from disco to fusion to more contemporary electronic styles. Much of this is present in "Kindle a Fire," even after mysterious, ungoogleable producer Aronnax gets his (or her) hands on it. Regardless of whether or not this stranger is from North Carolina, Germany, or just Scrimshire mucking about himself, this is a plodding, humble rework. Orphaned guitar and vocals try to crawl out from underneath a ride-and-snap pattern that becomes increasingly persistent over the course of the tune's seven minutes. There are a lot of details to wade through, most of them subtle or barely audible, but all of which point to either the work of an intricately detailed Scrimshire, a meticulous, curtain-shy unknown, or—most likely—both. Scrimshire's Bight LP, from which the original "Kindle a Fire" appears, is due on May 27.

Kindle A Fire (Aronnax Mix)