Alphabets Heaven "KOPS"

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Earlier this year, UK-based music-sharing website Carbon Logic got together with Brooklyn's Telepathe to collaborate on a brand-new compilation, with songs being selected from the entries for Cycle, a contest on the site seeking user-submitted content. Now, months later, Telepathe have selected 12 of their favorite tracks to see release on a digital comp entitled Carbon Logic Cycle #10, with the winner of the competition, AZitiZ, having her song "Where Is the Love" also released separately on 12". As a teaser for the whole thing, they've slipped us UK producer Alphabets Heaven's track, "KOPS." Functioning as an excursion into leftfield territory, "KOPS" plays like a video game with a 16-bit synth palette punctuated by power-up bloops and a swung-out and broken rhythm. The resulting sound stands somewhere between LA's beat scene and UK grime. "Where is the Love" (which features an Alphabets Heaven remix) comes out September 19, while Carbon Logic Cycle #10 comes out October 3.