Perfume Advert "Lampers"

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Producers Aaron Turner and Tom Brown (a.k.a. Perfume Advert) concern themselves with the slower ends of chugging house. "Lampers," the title track from the pair's forthcoming cassette for Montreal's 1080p Collection label, slinks down around 110 bpm, utilizing a bulbous kick and fine layers of scratched surfaces and shuffling metallics to fashion a low-slung rhythm. On first listen, one is drawn to the subtle pattern of tuned chords which rides the track's six-plus-minute run, but upon further inspection, the dense layering of background textures and their almost imperceptible manipulations may be what makes this track so engaging—especially when the floating, hazy rendering of those machine-made tones are consistently pulled back to earth by the weight of a languid kick drum. Perfume Advert's Lampers will see a cassette and digital release on November 5.