Le Dom "Fresh Out D Oven"

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Parisian audio/visual artist Domenico Bercelli is set to arrive with a new EP for Liar's Tessier-Ashpool label next week. Operating under the name Le Dom, the Oazis EP is said to find Bercelli "coaxing spectacle out of minimalism," resulting in four tracks of machine-rooted club music (including a remix from Liar). Here, Bercelli gives us a taste of what's to come with EP bonus cut "Fresh Out D Oven," a sluggish club production which booms with deep 808 kicks and rattles with metallic percussion and a slew of otherworldly FX. Set for release on March 23, Le Dom's Oazis EP can be previewed below, where the download of the Parisian beatmaker's "Fresh Out D Oven" cut can also be found.

Fresh Out D Oven