Conrank "Live Die Fast Young (feat. Grace Cai)"*Robox Neotech*

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The fact that Shanghai-via-UK producer Conrank ended up on Berlin-based label Robox Neotech is no accident. Eschewing the strong-armed techno and house sounds that many associate with the German capital city, the imprint instead favors providing producers from across the globe with a home for their own take on UK-style bass and downtempo production. In that spirit, Conrank fits the label's roster like a glove, crafting warm, low-end-focused tunes that have more in common with the lush textures of acts like Ta-Ku or Flume than anything one is likely to hear at Berghain. "Live Die Fast Young" is a fine example of such—it's a chilled piece of digital funk, built on splashes of warm keyboards while guest vocalist Grace Cai's various moans and "yeah"s are used to great effect.

Live Die Fast Young (feat.Grace Cai)