Mathias Zimmermann "Luther"

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Over at Sound Pellegrino HQ, they seem pretty excited about Mathias Zimmermann. Not only is he the first-ever German artist on the label, but his recently released Isla Dub EP (artwork above) contains four tracks that are completely unchanged from when the Sound Pellegrino bossmen first gave his unsolicited demo a spin. While the release explores a variety of styles, many of them more melodic than the song being offered here, "Luther" just might be the best of the bunch. Oddly cinematic in a chase-scene-from-a-'70s-cop-flick way, the song is a tense showcase of stop-and-start percussion, cascading synths, and nature sounds. All the twists might leave your head spinning, but it's a pleasantly weird and undeniably unique creation. Preview the rest of the Isla Dub EP after the jump, along with a mix Zimmermann recently assembled for the Sound Pellegrino podcast series.

Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road (Instruments of Rapture)
Bubba - Floor Control (Pets Recordings)
Bobmo - The Cliff (Marble)
Matthias Zimmermann - Luther (Sound Pellegrino)
Raffertie - Mimetic (Ninja Tune)
Dauwd - What's there (Pictures Music)
Shed - Warped Mind (Ostgut Ton)
Instra:mental - Pyramid (3024)
Maelstrom - La Sheitan (BNR Trax)
Matthias Zimmermann - Olga (Sound Pellegrino)
Sepalcure - I'm alright (Hotflush Recordings)
Dauwd - Ikopol (Pictures Music)