Felix Uran "Masprojekt (To The Stars)"

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As more and more music continues to pour in from Dramatic Records' Endless House archives, it seems the project is bent on completely embodying its title. We can't say we're mad about it, especially when the quality of sounds remains at the same caliber of previously featured tracks "Pavel" and "Soul Flipper PART 2", which is exactly what Felix Uran's "Masprojekt (To The Stars)" does. This "sister track" to Uran's similarly titled contribution to the Endless House LP, "Masprojekt 3," is another gorgeous collection of analog electronic sounds that ebb and flow, twist and turn throughout the sparkling composition. But that's not all the Dramatic Records camp has to offer: Coming this June is another companion to the Endless House compilation, a six-song split 12" that features three new tracks from both Rasmus Folk and Walter Schnaffs. Called Endless House Presents: Rasmus Folk vs. Walter Schnaffs, the forthcoming release is said to tell "the story of the rivalry between the House's most esteemed residents." With new side-plots now developing, it's quite possible that the musical tales of the Endless House Foundation will truly never end.

Masprojekt (To the Stars)