Discodromo "Mercurio (High Temperature Mix)"

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Veiled in playful secrecy, the rhetoric of Discaire Records would have you believe that the label is controlled by a cult-like group of shadowy subversives. In truth, Discaire is a "homophonic," forward-thinking brotherhood of four like-minded gay men from New York, London, and San Francisco. Having the honors of first release on the label, with "Mercurio," is veteran Italian production duo Discodromo. The boys at Discaire recently gave us the "High Temperature Mix" to share with you. Maintaining the kind of continuous, drippy flow of its namesake element, "Mercurio (High Temperature Mix)" is a bubbling reverb chamber of acid bass, percolating space-synths, and funky clavinets. You can download the tune below, and if you're feeling frisky, head over to Discaire to buy the 12", which comes with a password that unlocks exclusive X-rated online content.

Mercurio (High Temperature Mix)