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Nate Connelly 'The Sound Of You Stood' (Frequent Traveller remix)

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Nate Connelly - Fragments - Artwork

Soundtrack composer and producer Nate Connelly will release Fragments, a conceptual album based around the idea of a broken and scratched CD, on new Felt Music offshoot Blurred Recordings on March 31.

Following a stint studying at Leeds College of Music, Connelly went into scoring films and now boasts a resume of over 20 multi-award-winning short films from all over the world. On the release front, Connelly has dropped a handful of EPs and albums, most notably the acclaimed A Dream About Being Lost and experimental long player Di Skyver.

For his latest effort, Connelly turned to the idea of creating compositions out of the stuttering, skipping effect of broken CDs. Elements that may not make sense alone but as part of a larger picture work in harmony with one another—"with each part completely and utterly depending on the other."

In support of the release, Connelly has offered up a remix of "The Sound Of You Stood" by Frequent Traveller, available via WeTransfer below.

The Sound Of You Stood (Frequent Traveller remix)