Clicks & Whistles "Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)"

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You know those times when you're listening to the radio and a hot hip-hop track comes on, only the MC is terrible? You think to yourself, "This beat is so dope, if only I had the instrumental." After listening to this rework of "Neva Get Caught," originally crafted by Southern duo Clicks & Whistles, we're guessing that DC producers Starks & Nacey have definitely encountered this problem. The duo's take on "Neva Get Caught" is a significant departure from the warbling synths and juke-inspired percussion of the original version, instead sounding like the kind of beat someone like Rick Ross or T.I. would rap over. It's a potent offering, one that features thick blasts of low end, rolling drum-machine percussion, a catchy synth melody, and only snippets of actual lyrics. The "Neva Get Caught" b/w "Raw Passion" single (pictured above), which also features remixes from Tittsworth, Deathface, DJ Ayres, Subvader, and Unsub, is out now.

Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)