Umberto "Night Fantasy"

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Judging by Kansas City producer Matt Hill's collection of Halloween-themed EPs (such as 2010's Prophecy of the Black Widow and 2012's Night Has a Thousand Screams, among others), he seems to be somewhat of a nostalgic artist who strives for a year-round horror aesthetic, and his latest tune released as Umberto is no exception to the trend. While "Night Fantasy" opens calmly enough, it eventually dives into an '80s-inspired escapade that brings to mind scenes from a vintage slasher flick. Heavily compressed drum machines and eerie synth notes bend over Hill's driving doomsday theme, but the tune doesn't end in a bloodbath, instead hinting at a narrow getaway as harmonic overtones resonate through the song's conclusion. "Night Fantasy" is taken from Umberto's forthcoming Confrontations LP, which the LA-based Not Not Fun label will release on February 5.

Night Fantasy