Eli & Fur "Nightmares (Hackman Remix)"*NYX*

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In addition to being competent DJs, the members of up-and-coming synth-pop duo Eli & Fur (pictured above) have a history of enlisting quality artists to remix their singles, and continue with that trend by calling on XLR8R regular Hackman to work on their latest. The beginning of "Nightmares (Hackman Remix)" is so surprisingly simple: The UK DJ/producer takes a solid minute to build up the courage to take his tune to the dancefloor, letting the vocal riffs and keys hang suspended in mid-air. Then, almost like hitting a reset button, the tune comes back the same way it began, reinvigorated with thicker kicks and ride cymbals. Hackman doesn't stray too far from Eli & Fur's own sound, keeping the setting just as sensual and spacious as the duo's proper tunes while aligning the production into a more club-ready vibe.

Nightmares (Hackman Remix)