Guttstar "Not Money or Show (Kastle Remix)"

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It seems like the sounds coming from Bristol's purple dubstep scene are working their way stateside. From the Battle Hues EP by Vermont's Guttstar (out now on a new label also based in Burlington, VT, Party Guy), Kastle's remix of "Not Money or Show" injects the original's sound with an extra dose of soulful hip-hop and R&B influence, effectively changing its aura to a royal hue. The Pittsburgh-based producer (pictured above) piles melody upon melody to help characterize his remix, and does so with a handful of buzzing synth tones, some low-rent piano samples, and a bassline you can feel more than you can hear. You can check out more of the Battle Hues EP, which includes another remix by Dev79, on the Party Guy website, here.

Not Money or Show (Kastle Remix)