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Currently based in Chicago, Tahif Attiek (a.k.a Nunca Duerma) has been making quite a name for himself in a city that is known for churning out great talent in the electronic music scene. Having previously been featured on our download section twice, the multi-instrumentalist demonstrates an impressive understanding of funk, hip-hop, jazz, and electronica that meshes together in an display of slackened, fringed-out musical satisfaction. Meaning “never sleep” in Spanish, Nunca Duerma's overall aesthetic can be compared to "a clear night sky among towering buildings, speeding cars on a busy highway, and streaking trails of light in a time-lapsed photo."

For today's XLR8R download, Nunca Duerma returns with a new track titled "Acid Jazz" from his upcoming album Ven Ahora, being released on May 27 via YHS Records. The framework of the track pays tribute to Chicago's footwork scene and simultaneously introduces an impactful, sophisticated pace and sentiment that gives the track an noticeable amount of guile.

You can download "Acid Jazz" below via WeTransfer.

Acid Jazz

Nunca Duerma will be returning to Low End Theory on June 15.

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