Balam Acab "Oh, Why"

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The boy wonder known best for helming the inaugural release from NY dark-pop imprint Tri Angle, Alec Koone (a.k.a. Balam Acab), will soon also take credit for crafting the label's first completely original LP release. Wonder / Wander, an eight-track record scheduled to drop on August 29, is also Koone's debut album, and features the spectral cut "Oh, Why." Much like the material from the See Birds EP, this glimpse of Balam Acab's new record bounces along at a slow, dream-like pace; listening to "Oh, Why" feels like walking underwater towards the beckoning sirens of its angelic vocal samples, but never quite reaching them. We can only imagine that the remainder of Wonder / Wander will hold just as much beauty, if not more so. Before it's released, you can check out the album art and tracklist for the forthcoming record, below.

1. Welcome
2. Apart
3. Motion
4. Expect
5. Now Time
6. Oh, Why
7. Await
8. Fragile Hope

Oh, Why

Oh Why

Oh Why