Frikstailers "Omeprazol"*ZZK*

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In preparation for the release of its forthcoming compilation, ZZK Sound Vol. 3, the forward-thinking ZZK label has unveiled the record's first single, a bouncy tune from Argentinian duo Frikstailers. "Omeprazol" builds on the foundation of cumbia's traditionally graceful rhythms with an improvised electronic twist—changes which are most apparent in the production's crunchy basslines, sweeping synths, and sparse, dubby vocal samples. Before the record drops on July 1, the tracklist and artwork for ZZK Sound Vol. 3 can be perused after the jump.

01 Mati Zundel - Vacilón
02 Brujjas Deejay - Zombie Dance
03 Animal Chuki - La Venenosa
04 Dembowsky - Orinoco
05 Nate Mars - Ziraffa
06 El Remolón - Paseo Epico
07 Los Reyes de la Milanga - Pupos Widow
08 Jairomendez - Sonido Galaxia
09 Chancha Via Circuito - Tarocchi
10 Frikstailers - Omeprazol
11 Dubberman - Polvo Yukpa
12 Thornato - Gaita Gaita
13 Sara Hebe - Tuve que quemar (Duo Calhambre remix)
14 Le Freak Selector ft. Zai - Ganja Coolture
15 Javier Estrada - Jungla Estelar