Manaré "Pearl (Chaos in the CBD Remix)"

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Parisian producer Manaré's extended hiatus is soon to come to a close, with a new EP due out on Halloween via French label Youngunz, which promises three new originals alongside remixes from Chaos in the CBD (newly recruited to the Youngunz roster) and Marble Players, the collaborative production trio-cum-label of Para One, Surkin and Bobmo. To whet appetites for the upcoming release, Youngunz have proffered Chaos in the CBD's remix of the title track. Beginning with the staccato chord progression of the original, the New Zealand-based duo flips the track into the kind of nebulous house music that seems to be so dominant these days—complete with sweeping chords, lilting R&B vocal samples, and a healthy portion of clattering percussion. That's not to say that this is some cheap attempt to cash in on current musical trends, however; though they may be working within an established sound, Chaos in the CBD's take on "Pearl" is certainly danceable, and the stuttering hits of not-quite-UK-funky drum sounds—bringing to mind the crisp rhythms of someone like Jacques Greene—provide excellent contrast to the round, open bass melody that populates the track's low end. To get a sense of what Manaré plans to bring to the table with this new release, be sure to check out the preview video for the Pearl EP, as well. (via Discobelle)

Pearl (Chaos in the CBD Remix)