AK Kids & 1000 Names "Pop Girl"

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Edinburgh-based eclectic bass producers AK Kids will soon be releasing a series of collaborative EPs on Rotterdam-based label Lowriders Collective. Kicking things off is the GassAKu EP, which features guest spots from 1000 Names, Argyle Pimps, Slugabed, and Coco Bryce. As a teaser for the release, the label slipped us the mind-warping "Pop Girl," a collaborative track from AK Kids and 1000 Names. The tune features an insane broken rhythm that broaches on sounding like a tasteful trainwreck, and twists through bizarre synthesizer modulations, moebius strip-like melodies, and ghostly vocal samples. The GassAKu EP comes out on October 7 as both a limited-edition vinyl 10" and digital download.

Pop Girl