Portable Sunsets "Sisters"

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"Sisters" is the first cut to surface from Bless, the forthcoming second LP from Brooklyn-based producer Portable Sunsets (artwork above). Having issued his debut LP via Deadelus' Magical Properties label in 2012, the artist's sophomore album is set to arrive via the Atomnation imprint, who also released Portable Sunsets' Rental EP last year. A patiently piano-streaked outing, "Sisters" seems a suitable introduction to the producer's forthcoming effort, which is said to spend equal time exploring pillowy ambient territory as it does trading in the kind of heady, subtly evolving club music on display here. Portable Sunsets' "Sisters" production can be downloaded below, where the complete tracklist for his upcoming full-length effort (which will see its official release on March 17) has also been included.


1. Bless
2. Crosby
3. Ledges
4. rm-R
5. Straylight
6. Pearl
7. Islander (Version)
8. Conversion
9. Sisters
10. Cloakmode
11. Screen Presence