Color Plus "Pulp"**

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It may not be the most obvious piece of insight to glean when first listening to "Pulp," but Connecticut-based beatsmith Color Plus (a.k.a. Lars Probert) was more commonly heard crafting hip-hop minded, Brainfeeder-esque beats in the past. Beginning with last year's self-released Cerulean Dream LP, the producer has taken his sound into more experimental territory while also turning to the more addictive tropes of UK garage—the organ stabs, tastefully chopped vocal samples, and one-off drum fills. "Pulp" focuses on those selected garage elements, juggling two simple chord progressions under a beat that flips between 126 and 92 bpm effortlessly. Probert's evolution parallels much of the East Coast beat scene he is associated with, a scene which is beginning to lurch—sometimes begrudgingly—towards a slightly more experimental, yet dancefloor-focused mindset as of late. At this point, there is no permanent home for "Pulp," but look for the tune to land on an official release sometime this summer.