AKRA x Flilppo Rocco "PVC"**

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Teng is yet another fledgling imprint currently lounging in a bit of obscurity, biding its time while it builds up a sizeable amount of cred, pushing the tunes it has to offer as hard as it can. The approach has worked before and with right combination of quality work and luck, eventually, something has to make its way to the forefront. From the sound of it, the label's mostly likely candidate to succeed is London-based analog maestro and rising star for Teng AKRA, whose been making exceptionally punchy, yet crystal-clear house tracks that don't hold still on a hook for too long. The one-off effort, "PVC," done in collaboration with Cardiff producer Filippo Rocco, runs onward for seven minutes, constantly trading rising keyboards riffs and Carpenter-referencing synth counterpoints while keeping the thick low-end persistently funky the whole way through. AKRA's next EP, Tunnelvision is due June 10 via Teng.