Jo "R Type (T. Williams Refix)"

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Next week, London's Fabric nightclub will once again be teaming up with FWD>> and Rinse FM for a giant party and, in an effort to get everyone appropriately excited in the meantime, has sent along this MP3 from one of the night's many performers, T. Williams (pictured above). Here we find the Deep Teknologi co-founder flexing some re-editing muscle as he takes a crack at Jo's jungle classic, "R Type." Staying true to most of the elements of the original, T. Williams still de-junglefies the tune a bit, replacing the customary early '90s kick-hat-snare pattern with more updated programming complete with a collection of colossal-sounding drum samples. Like most things T. Williams, this refix is dark, pounding, and intense, and we're certainly not complaining. You can see Williams along with an insanely stacked list of his UK bass cohorts at Fabric on April 1.

R Type (T.Williams Refix)