Marina and The Diamonds "Radioactive (How to Dress Well Rework)"

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Well, you knew it was bound to happen at some point. With '90s nostalgia gone full-bore, it really ought to come as no surprise to anybody that trance has made its way back into the popular lexicon of cool. What is surprising, however, is that its route would pass through the music of bedroom producer Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well). Take this, his recent re-work of Marina and the The Diamonds' contemporary vocal-trance anthem "Radioactive." Substituting in his own vocal track while still keeping the rushing hallmarks of late-'90s trance, Krell manages to create a bizarre hybrid—something that tugs the heartstrings while maintaining a cool, blue-eyed R&B sensibility. (via Pitchfork)

RADIOACTIVE (How To Dress Well Rework) MSTRD

Radioactive (How To Dress Well Rework)