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Ovidio "Reflexiones (Harlum Muziq Remix)"*Moulton *

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On his remix of "Reflexiones" by fellow San Francisco resident Ovidio (pictured above), Harlum Muziq (which is actually the chosen handle of a Bay Area producer, not a former member of the Ruff Ryders crew) seems to have only one objective: maintain the groove. Fortunately, the remixer manages to do exactly that across the entire seven minutes of his rework by adding subtle rhythmic flares around the track's constantly percolating beat, as well as gradually working a lush string turnaround in and out of the proceedings. The similarly groove-focused original version of Ovidio's "Reflexiones" is out now as part of his new EP of the same title for SF's Moulton label.

Reflexiones (Harlum Muziq Remix)