Robert 'ÆOLUS' Myers "Sadhana Environment" (Dreems Natürliche Liebe Remix

Immersive and expansive beats.
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Robert "Aeolus" Myers is a composer and performer who began recording new age music in Honolulu in the early 1980s. He was a pivotal member of the Hawaiian avant-garde performance arts and modern dance scene, collaborating with numerous theater companies and often featuring modern dancers in his own live performance. Classically trained as a bassoonist and ethnomusicologist, his talents have taken him across the globe, composing and performing music for dance, transformational theatre, and worship. Myers was given the name "ÆOLUS" by guru Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan in 1978. 

Myers creates immersive and expansive pieces which connect with the listener on a spiritual and emotional level. His latest work, Talisman, is a retrospective of previously unheard tracks and performances with accompanying remixes scheduled for May 3 release on Origin Peoples. It features five of his most expressive pieces available for the first time on vinyl alongside a quartet of remixes. In advance of the release, you can download "Sadhana Environment" (Dreems Natürliche Liebe Remix) via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers, with pre-order here


A1. Oracle

A2. High Priestess

A3. Dreamscape from the Night Kitchen

A4. Sunset

B1. Embrace (Live Version, NYC 1987)

B2. Environment (Temporary & Indefinite edit by K. Leimer)

C1. Sadhana Environment (Pharaohs Mana Mix)

C2. Sadhana Environment (Dreems ’Natürliche Liebe’ Remix)

D1. Sadhana Environment (Oahu Suite by Lieven Martens Moana)