Robin Ball "Fionn"

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After a thirteen year hiatus, the dance music maverick Robin Ball is back with a re-launch of his time-honored imprint Groovepressure. Existing at the forefront of Chicago and Detroit styled tech house in the early 2000s, Ball plans to release new music, remixes, and re-masters of classic tracks that came out on his Groovepressure imprint. The label-head claims that "Groovepressure in 2016 is about keeping these influences fresh whilst looking towards the future."

To help kick things off with this newly revived record label, Robin Ball has teamed up with the duo Stopouts for a new, radiant EP that features two new cuts and two re-mastered tracks from these seasoned artists. Ahead of this forthcoming release, Ball has offered up "Fionn" as todays XLR8R download. The track is properly described as a "aqueous and widescreen track with dubby chords, bubbling bass, and a serene sense of Motor City soul that makes you feel as well as dance."

You can download "Fionn" below via WeTransfer.