Materia & Forsaken "Ruins"*Slime*

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UK label Slime has been expanding its pallette outward since its inception, roping bass bender Submerse and the multi-instrumentalists of Archie Pelago into its release schedule, but Bristol-via-Sweden producer Materia's forthcoming Atlas LP will be the label's first ever physical release. Materia is very fond of making alien soundscapes, taking the more subtle bits from house (i.e. pillow-soft kicks and buried claps), garage (grinding, frostbit synths), and the generally terrible English weather (no offense). As far as first impressions go, "Ruins" is about as promising of a preview as one could hope for, with all of the cinematic flair invoked by fusing the aforementioned elements together while maintaining an eye on the center of the dancefloor. Atlas is due on May 20 as a digital exclusive on Juno Download, and on May 27 as CD and vinyl packages via Slime.