Serifu "Said Situation"*Diskotopia*

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The forthcoming Stucco Swim EP will serve as the debut release from Serifu—a new talent whose SoundCloud claims the island of Papua New Guinea to be its home—when it drops next week via Japan's growing Diskotopia label. Pulled from that EP, "Said Situation" sounds as if it were assembled on a construction site. The clattering of rhythmic machines gives the tune a futuristic edge, but "Said Situation" is at its core a muscular—albeit a bit abstract—club track, one with enough heavy-handed push to keep bodies moving on the floor while the rest goes to work on the brain. Before the Stucco Swim EP drops on May 6, Serifu has also shared a video for the record's title cut, which can be seen after the jump.

Said Situation