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Gold Panda "Same Dream China"

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As pointed out in last week's write up for Gold Panda's "Snow & Taxis" track (there's a video for it now, here), we showed up a tad late to the Essex-based producer's party due in part to a moniker that evoked certain indie genres we'd just as soon leave be. Thankfully, we were totally wrong about that, as evidenced on the new music we've been catching off his forthcoming debut full-length, Lucky Shiner. The latest number to help bolster our opinion of Gold Panda is "Same Dream China," a song that holds tight to flitting micro-samples and dense layers of melody that float high over a bouncing rhythm. It reminds us of some of Nobukazu Takemura's more playful, plinking compositions, if they were re-imagined by, say, The Field. As it turns out, that makes perfect sense, as The Field had Gold Panda rework his "I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet" track last year, and with excellent results. We should have known.

You can stream Lucky Shiner in full before it's released on October 12, here.

Same Dream China

Same Dream China