DakotaBones "Samurai"**

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Fractured boogie producer DakotaBones (a.k.a. Benjamin Christensen) is a Detroit-based newcomer whose "Samurai" tune is more than happy to makes its influences known. Holding a steady groove at the tune's outset and brandishing every corner with slowed-down disco touches and SoCal-touched synth swells, this isn't the deepest of cuts, but it's not meant to be. Christensen seems to approach "Samurai" with his tongue firmly in cheek—the obligatory samurai sample pops up for barely a second—building a lighthearted tune meant to be funky, make the listener smile, and that's about it. Still, DakotaBones' sounds go deeper: He recently released his first full-length effort, Ø (artwork above), via the MJ MJ imprint, which is a decidedly more experimental project than the playful chops heard on "Samurai."