Nocow "Sever Ties"

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Pacific Northwest-based collective Dropping Gems has announced a follow-up compilation to last March's Gem Drops that features tracks from a number of forward-thinking beatmakers, including Daedelus, Asura, Mndsgn, S.Maharba, and Strangeloop. The compilation features a variety of cutting-edge music, ranging from experimental soundscapes to bass-laden dance jams. "Sever Ties," from Russian producer Nocow, is on the more subdued end of the spectrum, and offers up a dreamy slice of garage with chopped up vocals and an erhu sample throughout that gives it a distinctly Asian feel. The 20-song collection, simply titled Gem Drops Two (artwork above, tracklist after the jump), will be available on January 12 through Dropping Gems' Bandcamp page as a "name your price" download. Consider putting something besides a "0" in the blank, however, as 100% of the money raised will go the American Cancer Society to support cancer research. (Plus, a limited supply of cassette tapes will be available for those who donate $15 or more).

01 Mndsgn - intenshnns
02 S.Maharba - For Someone (Abandonment)
03 DJAO - Engraving
05 Bone Rock - Yellow
06 Ghost Feet - Crystal Pet Part 1
07 Daedelus - California
08 Brownbear - Empty Jars
09 Co. fee - Florence
11 Timeboy - Twiddle Dee
12 Natasha Kmeto - Belly
13 Nocow - Sever Ties
15 Citymouth - Searches Birches
16 The Great Mundane - Deplete
17 Rap Class - Da Booth
18 D33J - Stuck
19 Gumar - Hitachi
20 Wires For Salu - WILD

Sever Ties