Zebra Katz "Sex Sellz (Teeth Remix VIP)"*Signal Life*

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The Signal Life 12" series, curated on the imprint of the same name by Teeth and Desto, collects opposing forces in the world of electronic music onto the same piece of wax, with the latest release combining NYC-based avant-rapper Zebra Katz and Parisian bass alchemist French Fries. Prior to the record's release this week, Teeth reached back into the studio to rework his own remix of Zebra Katz's "Sex Sellz," building choice sections of Katz's verses around an increasingly psychedelic backdrop. "Sex Sellz (Teeth Remix VIP)" works from the outside in, bringing back the same chord progressions in alternating quiet and pleasingly loud tones. There's a thorough exploration of the quiet-loud dynamic through the tune's five-minute runtime; Teeth often lets just the samples of Katz ride in between the synth stabs, leaving only the rhythm section to juggle playfully in the background.

Sex Sellz (Teeth Remix VIP)