Damu "She's Liquid"

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Bubblin' Manchester tunesmith Damu just dropped his first ever record, the four-track Mermaid EP, via UK music hub Local Action, and has some big plans to celebrate it. First of all, he'll be partying with fellow DJ/producers Mosca, T.Williams, and xxxy, among others, at the Local Action & Orca Recordings party in London (details here). Secondly, he's unleashed this hyperactive tune for you eager listeners as an exclusive download. "She's Liquid" exists over on the noisier end of the juke spectrum; Damu's breakneck 808 rhythms jump and skitter underneath a heavy barrage of arpeggiating synths and spacey sound effects. If you want to hear more from the producer, you can stream the title track of his debut EP after the jump.

She's Liquid