Visions of Trees "Sirens (Novocaine) (The Voyeurist Remix)"

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It's still a little too early for talk of Halloween, but we really can't help but feel the spooky vibes emanating from The Voyeurist's take on fellow Londoners Visions of Trees' (pictured above) latest tune, "Sirens." Given the growling bass, harrowing vocal glitches, and ghostly pads (not to mention a Michael Myers-reminiscent piano riff), perhaps only a Vincent Price narration could make this rework any creepier. But all Thriller-related jokes aside, The Voyeurist really does pull off an impressive feat here, taking the quasi-futuristic pop original into a much darker place and shape-shifting it into a brooding slice of evil electro.

Sirens (Novocaine) (The Voyeurist Remix)