Thefft "Stares"

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From the seemingly neverending pool of talented producers claiming London as their home base, Thefft is a burgeoning bass-music aficionado who recently dropped a three-track EP for the consistently quality net label Cut. Here we have the Primer EP's (artwork above) closing track, "Stares," a sharp, methodical voyage into the more dancefloor-friendly regions of dub-techno. Following a solid minute and a half of letting his drum programming take the lead amongst a cloud of noise, Thefft eventually introduces layers of fuzzy, ever-evolving chords which weave in and out as the unquestionably deep bass moves things along in a slightly laid-back fashion underneath it all. After giving "Stares" a listen below, you can download the whole EP for the price of "Pay What You Want" (and your email) over at the Cut imprint's Bandcamp.